Stephen Colbert announces his own PAC — complete with introductory video. (Comedy Central)

Colbert used the feature-film-preview quality videos released by former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty as his spring-board , mocking (in typical Colbert fashion) the dramatic score and fast video cuts. He then proceeds to introduce his own “introductory video” telling viewers, “I want to warn you in advance, if you’re epileptic, there are going to be a lot of quick cuts and flashing lights. and if you’re not epileptic, you will be after this.”

The video, which features an increasingly random series of clips (some of which fail to meet this family-friendly paper’s standards) has been making its way around the Internet, as has the link to Colbert’s PAC Web site. The site is one page deep with a graphic that looks eerily similar to Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC logo. The site also gives visitors an opportunity to hand over their e-mail addresses and “sign up,” as Colbert advertises on air. Although the site (and Colbert) fail to make clear exactly what visitors are signing up for.

While the video on its own is pure comedy, the Web site remains something of a mystery. If Colbert were to seriously consider a run (for his own fulfillment or our enjoyment), he certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity to voice interest.