Just a quick note, because I’m off today after being on the Aurora beat since Friday. It’s been quite the summer for your scribe: Sandusky in June, Aurora in July. Please let me write about the Nats in August.

I mentioned Monday on the blog that I was going to do some reporting on mass murder. The story ran today in The Post. It’s not our last word on the topic.

Changing subjects: Dimly I recall that on this blog not too long ago we discussed immigration as the solution to the dying industrial cities of the eastern U.S. Thus I was very interested in the front-page piece today in The Post about Baltimore’s efforts to attract immigrants, including those who are undocumented. I haven’t seen the neighborhood in Baltimore described in the story, but in the last year or so I’ve been in Detroit multiple times, and Cleveland, and towns along Lake Erie, and what you see are places dramatically emptied of their population. In Detroit even the infrastructure is disappearing – whole neighborhoods largely bulldozed. These places are trying to avoid falling into a death spiral. Immigration may not be the perfect solution, but if you can get people moving in rather than moving out, that’s a start. Immigrants, let’s remember, were crucial to the creation of these great cities in centuries past. So maybe we need to work out some legal and cultural issues. No one is saying this is going to be easy.

I’ve heard so little in this presidential campaign about the struggles of cities. Immigration reform seems to be one of the difficult topics that politicians would like to deal with after the election – like fiscal policy, taxes, debt, entitlements. Oh, and gun laws.