Amazing pic by Nikki Kahn at Obama’s election night rally. You know Obama’s going to get deep into ESPN in the near future. (Grand Bargain? Hah! The Bulls are on.) (Nikki Kahn/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Now, folks, we can move on to other things, like professional hockey.

Wait, there’s no professional hockey?

Whatever. There will be something. We can re-center ourselves, find our happy place. We can root around forgotten cookbooks, make huge pots of autumnal soup, and rediscover the small joys of life, such as doing a cursory job with our blog metadata. The important thing is, we don’t have to listen to Dick Morris prognosticate election results anymore. (Oh, and has Karl Rove conceded Ohio yet?)

Free at last.

But ... I’m linking to a few, valedictory political stories today if you can stand it.

I worked on a What It Means election story with some colleagues out there in the swing states. Upshot is, we’re Two Americas. YMMV.

I thought Phil Rucker did his usual excellent job in capturing the funereal mood of the Romney campaign, and Peter Wallsten explains the GOP’s small-tent problem. If you want to relive the whole campaign and see how Obama won, read Rucker and Scott Wilson’s magnum opus.

I’m moving on to book-reading, and the literary life, starting with my friend David “Von” Drehle’s new book “Rise to Greatness: Abraham Lincoln and America’s Most Perilous Year.” That year would be 1862. Feels like we just endured a civil war the last year or so, but Lincoln went through the real thing, and saved the union. Now that was a big news story.