Here's an excerpt of my book that I cobbled together for the Style section. It’s mostly from the last section of Chapter 8, and discusses the failed “Top Kill” attempt and the political maelstrom surrounding the effort. The book is officially published tomorrow but I heard from an old friend that it was sighted already in a bookstore in Pennsylvania. I’m managing expectations, which is to say, I have none. As Gene is always quick to remind me: “Books don’t sell.” I went into the Borders at L and 18th, wondering if I’d see it, and, um, no — it’s going out of business and they’re trying to unload everything up to and including the carpeting. Great timing. I’m not going to obsess over this one, I’ve got a good attitude, and although I’m made my Amazon page my home page I’ve got a firm rule that I should not check the ranking if I’ve already done so since the last time I blinked.