It’s a family tradition, by which I mean a completely frigging insane thing that we keep doing because of some genetic defect. We boil up pumpkins instead of buying canned.

It DOES taste and look better in pies and such. But combine it with an annual church fundraiser selling pumpkins and you get my dad coming home with six or seven enormous pumpkins, chopping, boiling for days, putting them in little baggies and freezing them until you can make enough of the five things you do with pumpkin (pie, cheesecake, another kind of pie, cheesecake but in cookie form, bread) to see the other things in your freezer again.

And it’s hard to dry it out enough after the boiling that you don’t get excess water in your baggies that will screw up your pie (canned has too much water, too--put it on some paper towels before you use it).

Except this year! Via the magic of pressure cooking and a rare moment of non-obliviousness, I’ve got it down to a few hours, gourd to baggies, no excess water. The pressure cooker cuts the boiling process down to about thirty minutes, and then I thought to put a paper towel over a colander and let the water drain instead of trying to absorb it all. BOY was I smug about all this labor-saving, until my housemate pointed out they sell this stuff in cans for not much money.

And that quick turnaround just means Dad’s going to send me home with more pumpkins next time.