By now we’ve all heard the amazing stories about the prodigal [or “prodigy” as we say in English — sorry, was filing at airport when boarding a plane] Rory McIlroy. How he slept with a putter in his crib. How his first spoken word was “Mulligan.” How at the age of 3 he mastered the use of the “foot wedge” to kick a ball from beneath the couch when no one was looking. How he won his first tournament at the age of 6 when he paid the proprietor of an ice cream truck to distract his fellow competitors. And on and on. And so we’re not surprised to see that, now at the age of 15, he has won the U.S. Open.

That was a masterful performance. I felt bad for the other players on the course yesterday. No one watched them. They played shirtless, and still no one watched. They intentionally hit ball after ball into the water, like in Tin Cup, but still the cameras wouldn’t go near them. They were not the story. It was the Rory Show.

Is he the next Tiger Woods? I say we wait until he reaches puberty, and then decide. He was great, but he has now won a total of one major tournament. Tiger has 14, Jack has 18. We’ve seen a lot of sure-bet amazing players who somehow failed to maintain that level of excellence. Johnny Miller...Greg Norman...Even the great Arnold Palmer only won seven.

But what a start to a career. Does he even shave yet?