Here’s a piece on the century of disasters that I typed up for Slate. It’s about natural and technological disasters, and how they’re going to be more common as we put more people and things in the way of ancient calamities and newly configured technologies. Throw in global warming and 24-hour news media and we can be pretty sure that we’ll be in disaster mode fairly constantly from here on. Your thoughts, please.

Meanwhile, Cajun country is under water, as I reported yesterday. I was in Morgan City just last fall and noticed the giant floodwall surrounding the old downtown. I think the water will come in from the back side and it’ll all be swamped. And then, when the floodwaters recede....they’ll rebuild in the floodplain. That’s how we roll.

And speaking of disasters: Here’s my piece from today’s front page about conservatives wanting to sell the gold in Fort Knox.

May you live in interesting times.