I was going to dive into some fat novels, like Gravity’s Rainbow, or just for laughs something like Blood Meridian, but first I need to examine my Twitter feed and my Facebook news and read the various Reply All messages in my inbox and take a gander at the paper to see if the Redskins have yet found a suitable quarterback to replace Joe Theismann.

Via Memeorandum, the rich are getting a bigger and bigger piece of the pie, according to CBO. Don’t tell those folks camped down at McPherson Square.

Didn’t know any of this stuff about Jennifer Rubin. Never met her.

I need to watch Jake Weisberg’s interview with Jennifer Egan. Loved her book A Visit From the Goon Squad (she was, famously, the author who won the Pulitzer instead of Jonathan Franzen — but then got skewered for being dismissive of “chick-lit”).

Extreme flooding on the rise due to climate change? USGS says not so fast. “In none of the four regions defined in this study is there strong statistical evidence for flood magnitudes increasing with increasing GMCO2.” [Global mean carbon dioxide.]

FYI, there are now 7 billion people, or will be on Oct. 31, according to the United Nations. Every minute (I read somewhere) there is a net increase of 158 human beings, of whom 154 are in the developing world.

By the way, there have been 108 billion people so far, according to the folks at the Population Research Bureau (great source for demographic data).

In 2050, Japan will have (barring some change in demographic trends) about one working-age person for every retirement-age person. It’s the oldest country ever.

Via Drudge, Times threatens to sue Huffington Post — awesome publicity for my friend Lisa Belkin’s new blog!