Soon, it’ll be easier to park in Chinatown

It can be tough to drive in the District: there’s congestion, motorcades and “parking signs harder to decipher than CIA code—that is, if you can find an open spot.” The District can’t do much about motorcades, but a new pilot program will help drivers find places to park and even cut down on congestion, though […]

By David Alpert November 10

Tiny houses in the District

D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange (D-At Large) wants to have the District build 1,000 “tiny houses” for low-income and young residents of the District, with the houses spread around the city. His bill is kind of “gimmicky” and has some problems, but underneath, there are some good ideas. Orange’s bill calls for the D.C. government to build 1,000 […]

By David Alpert November 6

Will the Transportation Department hamstring Metro?

Riders have been deserting Metro. If the agency ran even fewer trains, the trains were slower and trains didn’t run at night or on the weekends, would that make people start riding again? No? But that might be exactly what U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx will force on Metro if he’s serious about his recent rhetoric. […]

By David Alpert November 2