Safety at Kansas and Quincy is an issue

Accidents will happen, especially when you’re not prepared or forewarned. Otherwise they’d be called “on-purposes.” But what happens when you — or in this case, DC agencies — are forewarned? Then it’s not really an accident, is it? Neighbors in Southwest Petworth who live around the intersection of Quincy Street and Kansas Avenue NW were e-mailing all day […]

By Drew Schneider July 13

Virginia for the Win: Does Ed Gillespie get what ails the GOP?

“The demographics of Virginia have changed and geographic voting patterns reflect it. The GOP must adapt to that fact,” answered highly regarded Republican campaign strategist Ed Gillespie to our question about the 2016 presidential election. The former National Republican Chairman and Virginia GOP head barely lost the Senate race last year to heavily-favored incumbent Democrat […]

By Norman Leahy and Paul Goldman July 6

A welcome purge

Yanking the Confederate flag is a good start.

By Peter Galuszka June 24