Arlington wants to fix a pedestrian safety flaw and slow traffic in the Arlington Ridge neighborhood. But a group of vocal neighbors is loudly protesting the move, arguing it’s worse for safety and claiming Arlington didn’t listen to their concerns.

But while the safety claim might be heartfelt, the change makes complete sense for safety. As for the process argument, opponents seem to misunderstand the “Arlington Way.”

Staff used the gold standard for public input on this project, even if they ultimately disagree with the critics. They deserve strong support both because it’s a good project, and also because good process deserves positive reinforcement.

The most controversial issue involves a “slip lane,” where a very short one-way road segment cuts off a corner. Right now, drivers heading south on Arlington Ridge Road can make a slight right turn onto South Meade Street, while anyone going from Meade to Arlington Ridge or coming from the other direction has to turn at a 90° T-intersection.

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