Same chorus, different day.

But, remarkably, Jeff also managed to stick his keyboard stiletto into Tim Kaine’s back:

The usually disciplined Kaine opened himself to a fresh attack by Allen, saying he’d consider a minimum income tax for all Americans. Kaine later made matters worse, claiming he wasn’t committed to the idea; rather, that he’d think about it. In politics, when you’re explaining, you’re losing.

Perhaps grasping just how deep a hole Kaine was digging for himself on the matter of taxes for all, The Post, Roanoke Times and that clean-up hitter for the left, PolitiFact, came to Kaine’s rescue.

Or tried to. Kaine never elucidated a tax ‘em all position on his Web site, they write, so it’s not a real issue. George Allen is all gauzy generalities and no substance. Or the kicker, from PolitiFact unsurprisingly, Kaine doesn’t have a plan to raise taxes on everyone and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

This is hogwash.

Kaine’s statement in Fairfax last week was eerily similar to a statement he made just 72 hours after winning the 2005 election:

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