Today we have a hint. TBD reports that new car-sharing service car2go paid D.C. $578,000 to avoid parking tickets for a year. That’s part of the appeal of the service — the cars can be found just about anywhere, and you can park them any place you choose (with restrictions on rush-hour and street-sweeping parking, though) without having to feed a meter or worry about residential parking time limits.

Since there are 200 cars in the D.C. fleet, the math is pretty simple — at the rate car2go paid, you could get out of most D.C. parking tickets for a year by paying $2,890 up front. Is it worth the peace of mind? Well, consider this — at the standard rate of $25 per parking ticket, you’d have to rack up 115 parking tickets in a year to break even.

From my many years of driving — sparingly — around D.C., I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten close that amount in a single year. But I’m sure there are people who have. It’s doubtful that D.C. would ever consider making this policy, but the prospects of up-front cash could be mighty enticing in these leaner times.

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