The Post reports that with yesterday’s spring equinox, meteorologists have confirmed that the 2011-12 winter will go down as being the warmest, hitting an average of 45.6 degrees over December, January and February. To put that in perspective, that’s some two degrees higher than the 1989-90 winter, which was until yesterday the record-holder. Another fun fact — of the winter’s 89 days, only 24 saw temperatures hit freezing or below.

As much as we appreciate how mild things were over the last three months, there’s also something profoundly unsettling about it all. This certainly may be a one-time thing, or it could be a hint of things to come — and rising sea levels caused by warming temperatures is certainly something we should be concerned about.

Finally, we should point out that Potomac Phil was wrong. Last time we trust a stuffed groundhog.

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