It’s as predictable as the change of the seasons: Around this time every year the American Automobile Association publishes statistics the number of tickets D.C. handed out the year prior. In 2012 it was close to 1.9 million tickets, down slightly from the year prior.

The numbers aren’t merely put out there for their informational value; AAA usually uses them as a means to complain about the city’s ongoing “war on cars.” Here’s what John B. Townsend II, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s manager of public and government affairs, said to WTOP:


●“It’s a war on the 400,000 drivers who come into the city every day and desperately need parking. The District thinks it’s winning this war, but it’s not.”

●“This is pure unadulterated exploitation of motorists. D.C. couldn’t get the commuter tax it wanted. So it makes it exceedingly hard to find parking, then you fine them for overstaying at the meter.”

●“You’re taxing the guy living who is the tourist, bringing in millions for the city. You’re also taxing people coming into the city to work, to dine, to shop and to worship. That’ll ultimately just drive people out of D.C.”

And this is what he told the Post:

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