I admit to not having much patience for dyed-in-the-wool partisans. Folks who think that their party is dedicated to goodness and light and that the opposition party is evil incarnate really need to wake up to the reality that there is nothing inherently good or evil about the Democratic or Republican Party. Yet diehard Democrats are convinced that Republicans are out to control the country through any and all means and diehard Republicans are equally distrustful of Democrats.

Newsflash, folks: The Democratic and Republican Parties share the same goal -- the acquisition of power and influence within government. And both parties will use whatever legal means are available to them to acquire that power. In states dominated by Democrats, like Maryland, Democrats use the redistricting process to game the system and boost party interests. Likewise, in a state like Texas, Republicans do the same.

A critique of Maryland’s gerrymandered districts is not an attack on the Democratic Party. It is an attack on the process. I endorsed the Republican map simply because it is a good map. Had the Kiwanis Club, or MaryPIRG, or the state Democratic Party presented the same, or a better proposal, I would have endorsed that map. But in this case, it was the Maryland GOP. That in no way suggests that I absolve the Republican Party of its equally egregious gerrymandering antics in other states.

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