Of the nine candidates vying for the seat, Interim Council member Sekou Biddle, Vincent Orange, Josh Lopez, Patrick Mara, and Bryan Weaver have risen to the top, but that’s about as much as anyone can say. (The Post had a good take on the special election over the weekend.)

Biddle, an early favorite and the choice of many of the District’s political leaders (including Brown and Mayor Vince Gray), has struggled to make his voice heard amongst a host of scandals and missteps, including flip-flops on various issues and ties to the Brown family. Most recently, Biddle was forced to dismiss Marshall Brown, a paid campaign adviser and the father of Kwame Brown, for comments he made in a Post article regarding the city’s changing demographics which Biddle later termed “hurtful.” Regardless, Biddle has remained one of the strongest candidates on education, and snagged coveted nods from Council members David Catania (I-At Large) and Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), as well as liberal groups such as the Sierra Club and Democracy for America.

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