Remember Sulaimon Brown?

He was the third-tier mayoral contender who in 2010 accepted money from Mayor Vince Gray’s campaign to relentlessly attack Mayor Adrian Fenty at debates. After Gray’s victory, he was handed a plum job at the D.C. Department of Health Care Finance, which ended up being short-lived — after it was discovered that he was given an appointment he probably wasn’t qualified for, he was quickly fired.

He didn’t go quietly, though, but instead provoked an investigation that led to the downfall of other mayoral appointees who were caught giving jobs to family members. Oh, yeah, and he showed up to a D.C. Council to testify on the whole scandal in sunglasses, which he refused to take off.

Anyhow, that’s Sulaimon, and he really hasn’t been heard of much in the last year or so. Until today! Brown just issued a press release announcing his coveted endorsement for the April 23 D.C. Council At-Large race — and it goes to Interim Council member Anita Bonds (D-At Large):

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