As reported in The Post, WMATA leadership is recommiting to the concept of constructing a new Potomac river crossing between Rosslyn and Georgetown.

This is a topic I have discussed previously. In short, the construction of the Silver Line out to Dulles and beyond will eventually put too much pressure on the tunnel between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom. As ridership increases, Metro will have to come up with a new way to get Virginia riders across the Potomac. Short-term solutions involve sending more Blue line trains over the 14th St. bridge, but ultimately a more radical solution will be necessary.

The solution Metro has floated multiple times before involves the construction of a new tunnel between Rosslyn and Georgetown, with the tracks continuing under M St. heading eastward through downtown. Most plans called for the Blue line to take this new route (otherwise known as the “separated Blue line”). But some proposals involve the Orange or Silver lines taking it instead.

The proposal presented to the Metro board yesterday has many features besides the new tunnel. It calls for a new tunnel up the center of downtown to separate the Green and the Yellow lines. It recommends a new bypass at Rosslyn to allow eastbound trains along the Orange/Silver line to turn right and head down the Blue line tracks. It also recommends extending lines out to Centreville, Potomac Mills, and Bowie.

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