Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md). (Chip Somodevilla/GETTY IMAGES)

Democrats in the state reacted as expected — by assuming I was a Republican plant trying to provide spin. (The fact that I support marriage equality, the Dream Act and Sen. Cardin is apparently all a part of my brilliant cover.)

I stand by what I wrote in April, and I think the new Gonzales poll lends it credence. The just-released poll finds Cardin receiving the support of only 50 percent of potential voters. For reasons that I cannot explain, Cardin has consistently received the lowest approval ratings of all statewide Democrats. This is surprising to me in that Cardin is one of the few grown-ups left in Washington. He demonstrates no clear partisan zeal and seems dedicated above all else to simply doing his job. His reward for being an adult has been marginal approval ratings in prior polls and a bare minimum 50 percent reelect number in this new poll.

Cardin is vulnerable. He’s the most vulnerable Democrat in the state either statewide or at the federal level.

Yet Cardin will win reelection by double digits. Why? Because two candidates are vying for the 50 percent of voters not committed to Cardin. The Republican nominee, Dan Bongino, is a political neophyte with precious little money but an impressive life story and credentials. The other candidate on the ballot is Rob Sobhani, an Independent candidate with deep pockets (and equally impressive credentials) who has twice sought and lost the Republican nomination for Senate in Maryland — both times to horrible alternatives.

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