“I believe, as a government, we should issue something that is the same for everybody ... And I think, if we wanted to issue a license to everybody and call it a civil union license. And then everybody in the state -- whether heterosexual or homosexual - would get the same exact license.”

This position clarification makes clear that she recognizes that it would be discriminatory to have marriage for one group and civil unions for another -- there would be no separate-but-equal issue, as I wrote about yesterday. But have we really come to this? Is Alston really saying that she would rather see “marriage” cease to exist in Maryland than extend the right to marry to same sex couples? Following the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision ending racial segregation in public schools, many state and local governments resisted integration. The Virginia Assembly passed laws allowing the governor to close integrated schools. In Prince Edward, Va., every public school in the county was closed to avoid integration.

This is just not the path we should be following.

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