The business community isn’t writing checks to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial campaign like they were to Bob McDonnell’s effort in 2009. The reason? Bloomberg News says it’s because the Republican attorney general is a culture warrior who scares the dickens out of the corner-office types.

A few colorful quotes are included to show just how broad-minded some of these business leaders are. While I do not doubt the sincerity of their beliefs on some social issues, I think an answer for why those who backed McDonnell aren’t plumping for Cuccinelli lies elsewhere.

Cuccinelli has proposed a tax overhaul that includes a thorough review of the state’s corporate welfare programs. That’s a sticking point for some corporatists, particularly those who are current recipients of state support.

There are other concerns. As the Bloomberg piece notes, Cuccinelli opposed the transportation law McDonnell & Co., enacted this year. Cuccinelli supported an alternative bill that was just as problematic as the one that passed. Selling that distinction is hard — and largely a waste of time. Cuccinelli has backed down on the matter, saying he will not try to undo what has been done, while also saying that he has additional transportation fixes in the works.

This latter point is crucial. In Saturday’s debate, Cuccinelli stated that his additional reforms would leave Virginia’s governors with far less power over road decisions.

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