Nepotism. Cronyism. Excessive salaries and bonuses. Perjury.

These are all acts that a D.C. Council committee asserted were committed by the Gray administration earlier this year, which are outlined in a 47-page report (with hundreds of pages of accompanying documentation) detailing how former failed mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown got himself a $110,000-a-year government job despite scant qualifications for it. The report, which will be officially released and voted on tomorrow, also investigates how the children of senior Gray aides landed plum city jobs and criticizes the standing practice of paying certain senior officials excessive salaries.

“Based on its review, the Committee has concluded that there is clear evidence that children of senior officials were illegally hired, that the Gray administration engaged in cronyism, that senior officials in the Gray administration received salaries that exceeded the legal salary cap, and that standard personnel practices were not followed. There is also strong evidence that Howard Brooks, a senior member of the Gray campaign, provided funds to Mr. Brown during the Mayoral campaign and that senior officials in the Gray campaign promised Mr. Brown a job in the Gray administration,” reads the meat of the report’s executive summary, which was authored by Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3). For the sake of ease, let’s bullet-point the report’s main findings:

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