Late last week, DCPS released proposed budgets for each school, including Georgetown’s Hyde-Addison Elementary and Hardy Middle School.

For Hyde, DCPS proposes to set aside $2,615,100 $3,092,942. The budget predicts an enrollment of 260 315. If those numbers hold up, that would mean $10,058.07 $9,819 per student. The enrollment numbers, however, don’t seem quite right to GM. For instance, the budget projects a pre-K enrollment of 40. But as of right now, next year Hyde is only offering one pre-K class of 20. Additionally, Hyde’s current kindergarten class is 58, but the budget only calls for a first-grade class of 42.

Setting aside that confusion, Hyde’s per student budget compares well to other sought-after NW elementary schools. Here’s their per student budget allocations (with last year’s numbers struck out):

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