Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t want to finish the Silver Line, and Terry McAuliffe is pointing it out. Though something’s a little funny with that map ...

Cuccinelli said on WMAL radio earlier this month that “I hope they don’t do Phase Two,” the segment from Wiehle Avenue to Dulles Airport and on to Loudoun County.

The Post’s Tom Jackman reported:

Cuccinelli called the project an “economic boondoggle” and that “the cost-benefit just is not there.” He said the issue would be a central feature of the Loudoun board of supervisor elections this year, and that “I hope [voters] elect an entire board who’s committed to pulling out of Phase Two to kill it.”

McAuliffe’s ad shows a Metro map with the Silver Line, but with the new line Xed out, and the caption, “This is Cuccinelli’s Virginia.” But look again at that map. It’s acutally Neil Flanagan’s fantasy Metro map from 2009:

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