A new campaign ad from the Cuccinelli campaign, this one not only featuring the candidate (sans necktie), but also fixed on a theme: tax reduction/reform:

Quick points…

* This is the ad from Mayberry. Shot in what looks like a hardware store, Cuccinelli’s talking to folks who sell home improvement — a subtle way to say he wants to improve the tax code. Bonus points for having him appear in an open-collared shirt, with the working man’s T-shirt underneath. Sure, he probably just took off his tie for this shot, but it works with the theme.

* The GOP embraces economic populism. Consider the text:

“I’ve a plan to make Virginia an engine for job growth.

It starts with closing tax loopholes and putting an end to special interest giveaways.

We’ll use the savings to cut taxes for those who’ve earned it: job creating small businesses and middle class families.

The powerful and well-connected already get their breaks.

As Governor, I’ll be on your side”

There’s a serious policy point hidden in these few words about rationalizing Virginia’s tax code. But it’s cloaked in the kind of language usually reserved for Democrats. Go after the fat cats who got theirs and redistribute that money in the form of tax cuts for the little guy. It’s also a jab at Democrat Terry McAuliffe, whose GreenTech auto company pulled millions of dollars worth of subsidies and tax breaks out of Mississippi.

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