Yesterday, various members of the D.C. Council started offering free tickets to Sunday evening’s game. Council members Jim Graham (D-Ward 1), Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) and Yvette Alexander (D-Ward 7) all took to Twitter to offer up the tickets to the first takers. Ward 3 residents seemed quickest to jump — not long after first tweeting that they’d have the tickets available, Cheh’s office started putting people on a waiting list.

Every council office similarly got tickets; one staffer told us each office received 70 tickets to hand out. (For 12 council members, that’s 840 tickets.) The tickets aren’t great — mostly outfield seats — but hey, they’re free. (They usually sell in the mid-$20 range.)

Mayor Vince Gray isn’t one to be left out — he formally declared the May 4-6 weekend “Natitude Weekend” (no, really) and asked called upon “all residents to of this great city to join me in celebrating the return of baseball to the nation’s capital.”

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