Our current comptroller, Peter Franchot, would like to be governor. Our current governor, Martin O’Malley, would like to be president. Increasingly the career goals of these two men have been on a collision course.

Sporting a very modest record of accomplishments during his time as governor, O’Malley has put forth a very aggressive legislative agenda. His agenda includes significant tax increases during a time of a weak economic recovery. From decreased deductions for middle and upper income Marylanders to incredibly regressive increases in the gas tax and the state’s so-called flush tax, O’Malley has spared few from the pain of tax increases.

To quote President Obama, raising taxes during a weak economy is not a good idea. Unfortunately for O’Malley, the state’s electoral calendar does not mesh well with his needs. The next governor and every member of the General Assembly will be on the ballot in 2014 — two short years from now. As such, O’Malley knows that no rational member of the Assembly would be willing to take politically costly votes the closer we get to the next election. Likewise, as each year passes, state term limits make O’Malley more of a lame duck. O’Malley must swing for the fences in the current legislative session. Neither the 2013 nor 2014 session will be any more favorable territory.

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