Here is a link to a piece from Sunday’s Post on the various campaigns and their use (and misuse) of social media. It went to press before the GOP convention on Saturday, so it doesn’t capture what has happened since Saturday’s GOP convention. A couple of items worth noting:

1. Both Virginia and national Democrats were laying into EW Jackson on social media long before the last convention ballot. And within moments of his nomination, they were busy establishing the narrative that Jackson was a dangerous lunatic doomed to sink the entire GOP ticket. Contrast this with the cancellation of the media availability after the convention for the entire ticket. There are probably very good reasons for why the availability did not occur. But on press row, it looked and smelled like panic.

2. However, the GOP is beginning to pull itself together and develop a coordinated rapid response. They have the opportunity to turn the tables on Democrats with the June 11 primary, when the nominees for lieutenant governor and attorney general are chosen. I suspect they will have some real fun with those results…

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