Bob Peck, the visionary head of the Public Buildings Service at GSA, was one of several executives forced out over the recent overspending in Vegas.

That event was inexcusable, but Peck wasn’t the one who spent lavishly. Instead, he just didn’t pay close enough attention to lower-level employees and might not have reprimanded them strongly enough when the issue came to light.

Firing Peck will sate politicians’ and the public’s appetite for blood, but GSA will be worse off without him. And his story will drive away from public service effective leaders who are more interested in bringing the really significant, big-picture reforms to government than in micromanaging their staff day in and day out.

Peck’s work particularly affected DC, since his division was the one that pushed to bring retail to GSA’s headquarters, signed deals with WMATA to locate more facilities near underutilized Metro stations in Prince George’s and Fairfax, and made buildings in the area better neighbors.

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