The loss of ExxonMobil’s Fairfax office at a 118-acre campus is a big one. The office had been part of Mobil, headquartered in Northern Virginia before it was bought by Exxon in 1998. The move closer to Exxon’s Houston center was perhaps inevitable, but, coupled with coming defense cuts, it shows the lean times ahead for the state.

The headlines, instead, read of the great coup of jobs-conscious Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, who, while losing ExxonMobil, is spending big bucks to get the Redskins to stay in Ashburn and to practice a few weeks a year in Richmond, which is not known for football and at the moment doesn’t have appropriate facilities to handle the Hogs.

Although McDonnell says he wants to keep state spending tight, he is tossing plenty at the Skins. The move involves $6 million in government money, including $4 million over two years from the state, a payment by Loudoun County of $2 million and some $400,000 from Richmond.

Why so? Presumably, the public money is being used to keep heathen Marylanders and even worse people in the District from getting the Redskins, who will remain headquartered in Ashburn. The governor’s office also says it would be useful getting the football team more exposure in Central Virginia and Hampton Roads. A few other reasons could include that McDonnell’s wife used to be a Redskins cheerleader and George Allen, a prominent Republican running for U.S. Senate, comes from a Redskins family. His dad was the coach.

The money, however, seems a lot to pay for intrastate marketing for a football team that hasn’t had a winning season since 2007. What’s more, there doesn’t seem to be a good place for the Skins to play in Richmond.

The University of Richmond uses a small stadium for its Spiders, but the school hasn’t been asked about housing the Redskins for a few summer weeks. The much-larger Virginia Commonwealth University doesn’t even have a football team. The city’s baseball stadium, the Diamond, is so decrepit that the AAA team associated with the Atlanta Braves moved to Georgia a couple of years ago. The city now has a AA team, but it, too, makes noises about moving because of the stadium.

So, there are a lot of questions about this Redskins play. There’s no question about ExxonMobil. It’s a big loss.

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