Tuesday, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics announced that Jacque Patterson would be denied a spot on the ballot, while ruling that Republican Patrick Mara had gotten just enough signatures to remain. Bryan Weaver, who had originally fallen 52 signatures below the 3,000-signature threshold to get on the ballot, was able to collect enough forms attesting to the validity of the people who signed his nominating petitions to stay on.

The rulings capped off two weeks of electoral drama that saw interim Council member Sekou Biddle (D-At Large) try to get the three knocked off the ballot for the tightly contested April 26 election. The attempts provided humor (Weaver pointing out that Biddle had challenged plenty of legitimate voters, including Biddle himself), anger (Mara alleging that Biddle and the board were colluding against him because he’s a Republican) and even good ol’ claims of electoral skulduggery (the board alleging that Mara had forged signatures on his petitions).

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