Rather than watch the Senate’s Agriculture committee unceremoniously kill his bill to lift the moratorium on uranium mining, Sen. John Watkins pulled the bill from consideration and has issued what has to be one of the more interesting, and lengthy, statements for why he did so. Among other reasons for the bill’s demise, Watkins makes note of the fears surrounding mining:

The emotion and fear that some have inspired on this subject have, for now at least, overcome the science and the engineering that we have worked so hard in Virginia to elevate in our educational systems and in our research facilities. It also undermines the consensus for private-sector investment that we have promoted across Virginia in defense, power generation, and nuclear medicine. Indeed, the failure to lift this ban is a definite stigma and blot on our reputation as a pro-business, pro-energy, pro-property rights state. It says to the business community here and around the country that Virginia may not be as open for business as we claim it is.

That’s not to say the issue is settled:

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