This looks like a job for Texts From E.W. Jackson. Because Jackson mentioned that he talks with, and sends text messages to, Ken Cuccinelli seeking advice and guidance on statewide campaigning, the liberal group American Bridge has decided it needs to have a look at those messages. Why? To make sure Cuccinelli wasn’t using his government phone for any of these messages:

“I am requesting copies of a complete log of text messages sent and received from Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II’s government-issued mobile phone with the following contacts listed below (from January 2010-present):

“Phonebook entries with the names ‘E.W. Jackson’, ‘E W Jackson’, ‘Earl Jackson’ or ‘Earl Walker Jackson.’

“The log should include date, time, and content of each message.”

They are free to file whatever sort of request they want under the law and the AG’s office is bound to comply with the request.

The real point though? To be a nuisance. And seeking records back to 2010? That’s quite a reach, and encompasses a time long before Jackson was a candidate for any office.

But all appears to be fair when one is on a (desperate) fishing expedition.

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