With a difficult, if not disastrous, first year in office, Gray seems to be trying to start off 2012 on a more positive note. On the last day of 2011, his administration released a seven-page list of accomplishments (see below), including everything from reducing unemployment and kick-starting development projects to continuing school reform efforts and bringing international attention to the District’s lack of voting rights and autonomy.

He recently sat down with The Post and the Current Newspapers — both of which are widely read by the very residents who most say they dislike Gray — for wide-ranging interviews, and claimed victory when he announced that the District had continued growing since the 2010 Census and that the city’s murder tally had hit a 50-year low.

His hope for a new day may well be aided by the symbolic break with 2011, along with a new cadre of senior staffers that have taken place, including a new chief of staff, deputy chief of staff and communications director. While most of the District’s chief executives have enjoyed a good first year and struggled thereafter, Gray may well be looking to make his second year significantly better than his first — and that probably won’t be hard, given how tough last year was on him.

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