One of the most scathing, and on-point, criticisms of candidate McAuliffe comes from my friend Waldo Jaquith. Waldo is not thrilled with either major party candidate running for governor next year (and his criticisms of Ken Cuccinelli are particularly blunt). But his take-down of McAuliffe borders on poetry:

Not one Democrat in a hundred is excited about McAuliffe. Democrats are fired up about him the same way that Republicans were fired up about Mitt Romney. The base will fake it through November and, if he loses, they’ll all say how they never really liked him in the first place. If he wins, of course, they always believed in him!

Virginia Democrats, then, find themselves in a real pickle. The President wins the state a second time and they retain the open Senate seat. They should be looking to expand those gains next year. But with McAuliffe having cleared the gubernatorial field, they are saddled with a candidate at the top of the ticket for whom there is not much like, are certainly no love.

As much as the conservative in me hopes they remain stuck with McAuliffe and are forced to have to defend his record as a Clinton bag man, I hope Virginia’s Democrats find a way to toss Terry over the side and get a candidate who can give the commonwealth the gubernatorial race it deserves.

The man for the task? Jim Webb.

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