But Georgetown can’t wait until then to better manage its transportation network. And the thing is, people aren’t waiting. Several different groups are working to bring transportation changes to Georgetown. The problem is that they’re not working together, and there’s no overarching plan to organize the efforts.

For example, the Business Improvement District and Citizens Association of Georgetown are working with D.C. Department of Transportation on how the streetcar will come to the neighborhood. A completely different working group is working toward bringing performance parking to Georgetown. Yet another group has long-term plans to widen the sidewalks along Wisconsin Avenue and possibly M Street.

One plan calls for the construction of an in-fill Metro stop between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom (the idea being that using a ventilation duct as the backbone of a new station would be much less expensive than a new Metro line). Others want to tear down the Whitehurst. Yet others want more bike lanes. Others still want transit-only lanes.

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