Over the last eight years or so, Georgetown has really gone whole hog into the sweets business. But can that last?

While mainstay T. Sweets has held down the fort for decades, Georgetown truly began to tie its fortunes to the dessert-trade with the auspicious opening of Georgetown Cupcake in 2008. Between Georgetown Cupcake and Baked and Wired, Georgetown regularly saw one or more of its own on the top of cupcake ratings around town. Not to mention the arrival of the original cupcakery, Sprinkles, a couple years ago.

Since then, the neighborhood has stayed on the cutting edge of sugar-delivery-technology. We’ve got a ton of tangy frozen yogurt stores to cover that trend (plus the best gelato store in the city, for those looking for a little less tang). And Georgetown’s got the current next-big-thing, macaroons, also covered with with Macaron Bee and the future Olivia Macaron in the mall (not to mention Pattiserie Poupon, which makes a mean macaroon).

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