States compete with each other for jobs and investment and state politicians are famous for touting their particular state’s business climates as a reason for companies to relocate within their borders.

But there are times when a company, or an entire industry, finds that its current state of residence has become very unfriendly to it and its products. Such is the case today with gun manufacturers based in Colorado and Maryland.

In an effort to stamp out gun violence by, among other things, limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines, Colorado has managed to convince two companies – Magpul and HiViz Shooting Systems – that it’s time to leave. Similarly, the Outdoor Channel, which was filming four programs in the state, is ceasing production and looking to take its business elsewhere.

In Maryland, a strict gun control law currently awaiting Gov. Martin O’Malley’s signature has raised the possibility that arms manufacturer Beretta will take its operations elsewhere.

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