I decided to dig back into the recently released American Community Survey results issued by the Census Bureau. Specifically, I want to explore one of my favorite topics: transportation.

Last year, I reported that the numbers showed a dramatic reduction of Georgetowners driving to work and a smaller, but still significant, jump in transit use. I am somewhat sorry to say that some of those trends reversed themselves this year.

Here are the year to year comparisons.

The driving totals went almost back to where they were in 2009, and the transit cohort shaved off a few percentage points. “Other” is up pretty significantly, which probably reflects the growing numbers of bike commuters.

Before you jump to a conclusion that something happened in 2011 to change people’s behaviors, remember that each of these results reflects a running five-year average. So when the 2011 numbers say 23.05 percent of Georgetowners took transit, it’s really saying that from 2007 to 2011, an average of 23.05 percent of Georgetowners took transit. So while shifting up a year would affect that somewhat, it’s not a “snapshot.”

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