Bills have been proliferating in the D.C. Council to fix problems with the Resident Permit Parking (RPP) system. Rather than playing whack-a-mole with the system’s flaws, the Council and DDOT could set up a simple system for residents to print out guest passes online, for a small fee, and eliminate the constant stream of requests for exemptions.

The RPP system serves a valuable role, but also has many flaws. Its main purpose is to reserve most of the available street parking in a neighborhood for residents of that area. But some neighborhoods with Metro access, like Woodley Park, find many people driving from other parts of the ward to park there and commute by rail, because RPP gives privileges to anyone in a ward, regardless of boundaries.

Other neighborhoods are unhappy about the numbers of out-of-state students who get reciprocal parking permits, or large buildings getting built, which flood the area with RPP-eligible residents and make on-street parking more difficult where once it may have been simple.

Other times, RPP goes too far. For example, firefighters at some stations around the District, whose hours and locations make transit impractical, are getting tickets for parking on the street because they aren’t residents. These firehouses have no parking of their own, the firefighters say they have no alternative places to park, and their latest contract includes a requirement that D.C. provide some free parking.

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