When Republicans clash at the ballot box, it generates a billion pixels worth of coverage about how the party is eating its own, is bound for the dust heap, becoming too radical and so on. But when Democrats do it, there’s a general shrug of shoulders because infighting is what Democrats do.

But the case of Democratic Virginia Del. Joe Morrissey rallying the establishment to toss his House colleague Rosalyn Dance over the side, and the reasons why he is doing so, should sound awfully familiar to folks on the right. According to Markus Schmidt’s report in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Morrissey said in an interview that he expects many of Virginia’s top Democrats to follow suit in the coming weeks and endorse Thompson [Dance’s primary challenger] in what he calls a move to oust an incumbent accused of voting against her own party line too many times.

“For eight years, Rosalyn has masqueraded as a Democrat who then turned around and voted Republican,” Morrissey said in an interview. “But now, people are beginning to see the true Roz.”

Dance on Monday called the attacks on her party loyalty part of a “planned takeover” of her district resulting from a dispute between Morrissey and her that flared up with a recent exchange of letters between the delegates in the Progress-Index newspaper of Petersburg.

The exchange escalated Monday, after Morrissey accused Dance of misleading Petersburg residents as “to her true colors and voting record.”

In short, Dance is a DINO and so must go (at least according to Morrissey and a few others). Yes, that sounds very familiar.

But there are probably a few other things at work here, too. Joe Morrissey, along with Henrico Sen. Don McEachin, likely believes the narrative pushed by, among others, the RTD’s Jeff Schapiro that they represent the way forward for Virginia Democrats. The two were able to take full advantage of the Henrico County GOP meltdown in 2011′s commonwealth’s attorney race to take that post, and pick up a supervisor’s seat in the eastern portion of the county. These weren’t insignificant victories.

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