It’s no secret that Medstar wants a new hospital. In early drafts of the school’s 10-year plan, the university included placeholders for a brand-new hospital to be built on campus. These sections were ultimately cut because the plans were too undecided to specify.

The model that has been batted around for some time involves a new hospital being built either on the current parking lot or north Kehoe Field, with the school taking over the old building in exchange. This would significantly ease the school’s space problem (minus the loss of the field, that is).

I’ve heard from multiple sources that this is no longer the working plan and that GU is indeed seriously considering moving the hospital and the medical school off the main campus to, well, somewhere. These recent reports would suggest Capitol Crossing, but in the past other possible candidates have been suggested such as Reservation 13 (where the old D.C. General Hospital was) and St. Elizabeth’s.

I can’t really add anything to this speculation, but it is worth discussing what impact this change would have on the Georgetown community.

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