Terry McAuliffe “officially” launched his gubernatorial campaign yesterday with a whirlwind tour of the state. At his Richmond stop, McAuliffe held a join appearance with Sen. Tim Kaine, who despite his personal and policy differences with McAuliffe, did manage to say this about the man who would be governor:

“We want somebody who wakes up thinking about jobs, thinking about the economy, thinking about finding a great deal, thinking about training the workforce,” Kaine said. “That’s why I’m supporting Terry McAuliffe to be the next governor of the commonwealth.”

My preference is for someone who wakes up and thinks about getting the coffee started. But the talking points, from both Kaine and McAuliffe, are similar: this race is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. You think Bob was for jobs in 2009? You haven’t seen anything yet. Terry will think about jobs to the exclusion of everything else. It’s almost like a Dilbert cartoon

But buried in the Washington Post write-up of the Richmond event was the real issue facing McAuliffe:

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