Bob McDonnell is trying to kick-start his political future.

There he is writing the lead piece for the conservative-friendly Wall Street Journal’s June op-ed page, touting his 18-month-old administration as a shining example of what he and several other new Republican governors can do.

He’s off at the Paris Air Show as part of the state’s efforts to promote Virginia’s newfound and cozy relationship with jet-engine-maker Rolls Royce.

Then, he’ll turn up at Vail for a schmooze-fest with the hard right’s king-making Koch Brothers, where he will undoubtedly receive more marching orders that maybe, just maybe, could put photogenic Bob on the GOP’s vice presidential ticket in 2012.

McDonnell is trying to project himself as a responsible conservative who takes an axe to spending and comes up with budget surpluses, and if you believe Bob, fellow GOP governors in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Florida are doing the same. “When I became governor of Virginia in January 2010 we faced two historic budget shortfalls totaling $6 billion. The proposals to close these shortfalls spanned the philosophical spectrum. Shortly before leaving office, my predecessor, outgoing Democratic governor Tim Kaine, put forward a massive $1.8 billion income-tax hike as one of his solutions,” McDonnell writes.

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