Will the chairman adopt a reflexively knee-jerk oppositional stance to any reform in the zoning code, as some are pushing him to? Or will he keep an open mind about fixing some of the mistakes in a 54-year-old zoning code originally written when people thought Shaw, Mount Vernon Square/Triangle, Capitol Hill and Southwest DC were “obsolete”?

He needs to hear from residents about the reasons we need to reform the 1958 zoning code and fix its worst mistakes, changes which at a stroke repudiated some of the most historic and treasured neighborhoods of the District and outlaw their urban form for future generations.

Representatives of the Committee of 100, Federation of Citizens Associations and similar groups will surely show up to complain about the zoning update, as they have at each Office of Planning oversight hearing for the last four years. They might be joined by some residents who believed some of the scare tactics and outright falsehoods that anti-update agitators sadly continue to spread.

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