Yesterday Metro released the results of its Voice of the People survey, in which it randomly polled close to 800 users of rail and bus service from D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

For Metrobus, 80 percent of D.C. users, 86 percent of Maryland users and 94 percent of Virginia users expressed satisfaction with overall service. Reliability lagged slightly behind, though: Only 68 percent of D.C. respondents said Metrobus was reliable, compared to 76 percent in Maryland and 82 percent in Virginia. Fully 74 percent of those in D.C. would recommend Metrobus to a friend, as would 85 percent in Maryland and 85 percent in Virginia.

For Metro, 80 percent of respondents said they were happy with the service provided, while 79 percent said they would recommend it to a friend. Reliability, though, took a big hit, coming in at 65 percent. Average riders were three minutes longer than expected, and only 65 percent of respondents were happy with how clean the trains were.

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