The D.C. Department of Transportation has formally asked WMATA to change the names of four Metrorail stations in the District. It also recommended, but later withdrew, a fifth:

Thankfully, the idea of including a “curly W” logo on Navy Yard has been sent to the dustbin where it belongs. But for better or worse, most of the recommendations still violate WMATA’s approved policy limiting name length.

Under the process laid out by WMATA for station name changes, the jurisdiction containing that station needs to first request a change and itself be willing to pay for the cost of changing signs, pylons and more. The WMATA board then approves or disapproves each proposal.

Various organizations including Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and nonprofits have asked DDOT for station renames. The NoMA BID wanted its name on the station in its area, for example. The National Park Service and the Trust for the National Mall requested the name change for Smithsonian.

The Golden Triangle BID also asked to add its name to one of the Farragut stations, and Capitol Riverfront wanted to be on Navy Yard, though DDOT didn’t advance those requests. ANC Commissioner Kent Boese has been pushing to change Georgia Ave-Petworth to Georgia Ave-Petworth/Park View or Petworth-Park View.

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