According to a poll commissioned by the City Paper and WAMU’s The Kojo Nnamdi Show, 26 percent of voters are with Brown, while 21 percent are with Grosso. The margin of error is 2.8 percent. Additionally, 32 percent of voters are still undecided, while are in the single digits: Republican Mary Brooks Beatty is at 9 percent, A.J. Cooper at 7, Statehood Green Ann Wilcox at 5 percent and fellow Post endorsee Leon Swain at 1 percent. Here’s how Brown and Grosso’s support breaks down across the city — and, yes, it’s exactly what you’d expect:

The poll shows a similar geographic and racial split to the ones that have appeared in other recent D.C. elections. Grosso’s winning white voters 39-10 (with 29 percent undecided), while Brown is winning black voters 43-7 (also with 29 percent undecided). Grosso’s doing best in Ward 2 (where he gets 25 percent), Ward 3 (26 percent), and Ward 6 (37 percent), while Brown is strongest in Ward 4 (28 percent), Ward 5 (44 percent), Ward 7 (39 percent), and Ward 8 (46 percent).

The timing of the poll is key, though: It was conducted before The Post and a number of other papers issued endorsements, and only days after Grosso reported having close to three times as much money in the bank as Brown.

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