Here are home, the tables are turned. For the second year in a row, Montgomery County education administrators and teachers have declared war on the rest of us. How else can we interpret the legal action taken by educators against the county?

I grew up in a school district whose funding was totally dependent on voter-backed tax levies. By the time I graduated high school in 1978, not a single levy had been defeated in 45 years. I owe an enormous amount to the farsighted taxpayers of my hometown and am an avid supporter of providing whatever it takes to produce quality education for children.

But there has to be a limit, and it comes when — at a time of fiscal crisis, when all public services are being cut to the bone — a school system burns precious capital by essentially suing pro-education legislators and declaring themselves off limits for spending reductions. C’mon folks, it’s not like MCPS is on the edge, with poor teachers, underperforming students and crumbling infrastructure. This is a rich county, with a well-funded school system.

Surely, the schools need to work with us, not against us, as we grapple with a budget nightmare none of us wanted.

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